21-15-9 and Rounds for Reps










21 – 15 – 9 of:

  • Shoulder to Overhead (155/105) – Taken from the ground.
  • Chest To Bar Pull Ups



3 Rounds for REPS:

  • Minute 1: Push-Ups
  • Minute 2: Air Squats
  • Minute 3: STRICT Sit-Ups
  • Minute 4: Burpees
  • Minute 5: REST

RULES: NO CHEAT REPS ALLOWED. No one cares what your score is, but EVERYONE cares if you cheat rep.

  1. Push-Ups: Chest to ground, push off ground to full arm extension.
  2. Air Squats: Hip crease BELOW knees. Need help, squat to a med ball.
  3. Sit-Ups: NO swinging of arms, NO holding on to your legs, cross your arms and do your best.
  4. Burpees: Down, spring up to the best of your ability, jump and clap behind your head.
  5. REST: …………