Blasting Upper Body









STRENGTH: 3 rounds of “Lynne”
A:  Body weight Bench Press, Max Reps
B:  Max Pull ups, Max Reps  If you can do over 30 kipping / butterfly pull ups, these should be done as strict pull ups.
Superset means move directly from movement A to movement B.  Rest as needed after movement B. If working with a partner, perform both movements back to back and then allow your partner to go while you rest.


Band Pull Aparts:

E. M. O. M x 5

  • Perform 10-15 x Band Pull Aparts.
  • Start by holding a band with arms straight out in front. Pull the band apart until it touches your chest, squeeze, and then slowly release.


Power Clean Shrugs:

  • E. 2M. O. M x 5
  • Perform  10 – 15 reps.
  • Starting in a Hang Clean position. Using the legs as in a “clean” to help drive the bar up for a power shrug.
  • You should be using a weight GREATER than you clean for this.